Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Into Film Festival 2014 - Register your interest in a free school trip today!

For a school trip that’s educational, exciting, fun and free, look no further than the Into Film Festival 2014, the world’s largest film festival for children and young people, taking place from 4 to 21 November this year. 

Harnessing the power of film to captivate young minds and bring learning to life, a packed programme will seek to creatively involve 300,000 five- to 19-year-olds from all backgrounds and corners of the UK in watching and making films, many for the first time. Highlights will include exclusive premieres and previews of new feature films, free screenings, workshops, special events and Q&A sessions with industry experts, accompanied by innovative teaching resources.

Key themes and curriculum ties
One of the festival’s key themes is the 25th Anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Included will be references to the treaty — the right to a childhood (including protection from harm), the right to be educated, the right to be healthy, the right to be treated fairly and the right to be heard.  In addition, the festival will incorporate screenings, events and resources linked to Anti-Bullying Week, Parliament Week, World War I/Remembrance Day, and other campaigns and calendar events taking place within its duration.

Following consultations with educators across England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, the Festival will have clear learning outcomes that tie in with the UK’s curricula, support education and personal development, as well as help to build a lifelong passion for film.  

Subjects covered will include English, maths, science, languages, history, geography and music. Many of the titles screened will have multiple subject connections and additional links to the areas of PSHE, citizenship, PE, ICT, art and design, DT, and RE.  

Curriculum linked teaching resources or informal film guides containing synopses and discussion questions will be provided alongside most films screened, promoting traditional and visual literacy, and facilitating further exploration of the films and the themes within them. 

Workshops will be on offer to enable young people to learn about different aspects of filmmaking from creative professionals.  Showcasing films made by young people will be an important element of the festival, with one or more youth made short films — selected by a team of young programmers — shown before every screening.  

Inclusive and accessible to all
With the aim of making the festival accessible to all young people, including those in disadvantaged or remote areas — many of whom have never before visited a cinema — screenings will be held in over 500 cinemas across all the major chains, and a range of venues across the UK from the ICA in London and the Millennium Centre in Wales, to independent cinemas on the Shetland Islands and the Isle of Skye.  

Autism friendly screenings and, for sensory-impaired attendees, subtitling and audio-description, will add to inclusivity.

The Into Film Festival 2014 will take place from 4 to 21 November. Bookings will go live at the beginning of September. The festival is free to take part in but advanced booking is required.

For more information, or to register for regular updates on festival-related news, opportunities and resources, visit: www.intofilm.org/festival.

All images: Into Film

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